My Real Breasts

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How can you wear a dress without them?Go-Go dress


When we're young and first begin to explore our sister's (or mother's) wardrobe,  the outfits are the major source of our attention.  We might start with underwear and/or lingerie, but the dresses and skirts come quickly thereafter.

But as we get older and get into our teens, we notice that we need to start filling out the breasts; stuffing the bra's with perhaps tissue paper, bird seed, underwear, or socks.

AS the years went by things changed.  When I started dressing it was the 1960's, so the style was short go-go dresses and skirts; Barbara Eden was my fashion Icon in I Dream of Jeanie.  And, if you were lucky you had a sister with trendy fashion sense with clothes and shoes that fit you.

Years later, when we are working adults, we can afford to start buying our own clothes, shoes, lingerie and .... BREASTS!

By the time I first went out in public -- or at least slinked around in the shadows --  it was the '80s and the look had changed again; but I was still in short skirts.  But it was then that I found Lee's Mardi Gras and bought my first pair of breast forms. They filled out my outfits, were heavy in the bra, and jiggled when I walked ... ah, the feel of it.

I came OUT as trans in 2000, and by then had developed an eye for styles that were not only in, but that also looked good on me;My Real Breasts both casual and formal. Part of that fashion sense led me to down-size the breasts a bit to look more natural.  These were not the heavy breasts I had previously,  but were lighter, silicone gels that had nipples and looked real too.  I would often attach them to my chest with double-sided wig tape so that I could wear strapless dresses and tops, which was great in the warm weather.

Now in 2011 the times are a changing again.  I received a pair of My Breasts, and they take authenticity to next level once again.  I have never seen or felt a pair of breast forms as real as these.  The edges are wafer then, so that if you're good with makeup -- and choose the right shade -- you could almost get away with going topless and no one would know they weren't real.

They are not cheap, but if you're going for real, they fit the bill.  However, its also a two-edged sword:  they are truly fantastic, but also a bit more difficult to adjust on your chest and get to lay correctly.  But if you're into real, then My Breasts are the ticket.

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