We launched a new sissy site

We launched a new sissy site for those who used to enjoy my articles for the PINK column on TGlife some time back. The term has changed through the years. We decided that among the sub sets of sissy maids, sissified husbands, baby sissies, kid sissies, Lolita gurls, that we […]

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Defining Womanhood

Defining womanhood is something that many transgender woman question, whether they are pre-op, no-op or post-op. That was the topic of conversation — or I should say debate — on a message board involving self-identified transsexuals, cross-dressers and the wives of cross-dressers.

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June 26, 2017 admin no responses

Defining Normal

Many years ago, Johnny Carson, being the recipient of a Sally Fields practical joke, looked at her and said, “You really aren’t normal are you?” She playfully responded, “Well Johnny, I guess normal is as normal does!” And this was the what defining normal is all about.

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Rise of the Transgender Girls Club

Brianna Nicole Austin was born in the summer of 2000 when she exploded onto the New York City transgender community party scene like a whirling dervish. The rise of the Transgender Girls Club was almost instantaneous — just months after she formed it with her trans-sister Chrissy. … in the […]

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Brianna Austin is Candidly Transgender

I was walking down Broadway — a small group of friends in tow – when just as I crossed West 22nd Street I heard a voice shout out, “Hey, beautiful, is that an Adam’s Apple you have”? I turned, with a grin upon my face and saw five guys in their late-20s, […]

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June 1, 2001 Brianna Nicole Austin essays,transgender no responses

Where Is The Transgender Voice

Where is the transgender voice I asked? Everything in life stems from two things: love or fear. ‘Transgender’ is going mainstream says the Daily News a month or so ago in a big headline. Maybe in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, or New Orleans. But I can’t imagine […]

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