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How To Look Like a Girl

How to look like a girl begins with having someone experinced in male to female transformations.  In Pittsburgh, PA. that would be Amy.

Did you ever wake and wonder “Could I look like her? Where can I find a crossdressing frined whose house I can go paly dress up?” Well, yes, you can, and with a makeup artist to boot!

Look Like a Girl

Meet the girls of M2Fantasy, who provide a safe space for you get transformed. Get dolled up by a professional makeup artist, who is a crossdresser herself with several years of experience, in privacy of her home. And yes, photos can be taken. Think of it as a social visit where you get to play a dressup with your gurlfriend and just relax and feel beautiful.

Amy dressed up the first time in 2005. By 2010 she getting paid as a professional drag queen. She worked in the hospitality industry, and like most Americans found herself making money she nerve had time to spend. “I was chasing my bills instead of my dreams” she says.

So in 2017 she quit her job, invested everything she had into the Male 2 female transformation industry.

male to female transformation pittsburgh pa

Their services include

  • full M2F transformations,
  • hair styling,
  • wig reviving,
  • photo shoots,
  • makeup lessons (in person or video chat),
  • walking in heel lessons,
  • shopping assistance,
  • online order recieving (a space place to send your online purchases) and,
  • accompanied outings.
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