I’d Do It Again – A Memoir
I'd Do It Again A Life Unscripted I’d Do It Again! Author Harriet Wright’s priceless adventures began in her mid-twenties when Jimmy Durante plucked her from the waters of the Aquacade in the 1939-40 World’s Fair to join the first chorus line of the famed Copacabana Supper Club. Harriet soon became part of the nightclub crowd – mentioned regularly in the most famous of the New York gossip columns. She traveled with the rich and famous, raised a son who gained his own notoriety and had more adventures than Forrest Gump. A Life Unscripted I’d Do It Again! recounts her journeys to a life in Cairo, a romance in Tunisia, a weekend in jail, a six-week Caribbean escapade with Jose Ferre, and much more! Her son Clovis, a rebellious teenager, became the youngest designer to ever win the prestigious Coty Critics Award, the fashion industry equivalent of an Oscar. His success provided Harriet with a backstage pass to the world of fashion. But Harriet also had her share of heartache, including the suspicious death of a husband.A Life Unscripted I’d Do It Again! is the riveting and entertaining life story of a resilient woman who refuses to let life pass her by. Instead, she lives it – to its fullest extent!
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Brianna Nicole Austin