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I’ve written columns and done reporting for many magazines over the years. As it relates to transgender,this includes Blaze New York, a column in GIRL TALK (2001-2004) called A Bite of the Big Apple, a column in Transgender Community News — as well as features and covers for both, and articles in Lady Like Magazine. Click any to enlarge.

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Raja cover of Girl Talk Magazine Teryl Lynn Foxx in Girl Talk

Invasion of the Pines 2002 by Brianna A bite of the big apple

 Teryl Lynn Foxx Cover story in TCNTeryl Lynn Foxx interviwed
 Interviw by Brianna Kevin Aviance
 Lisa Jackson article in Girl TalkBrianna Austin spotlight
 Lisa Jackson SingsLisa Jackson aticle
 Brianna Austin in Girl TalkGina Lance
 NOTG NYC The Life with Brianna Austin
 Who whereCopa Cabana Girls
Brianna Nicole Austin