Maid To Order – Chapter 3
“Bonjour, Michelle,“ Sophie began. “It’s Michael, ma’me,” he said sheepishly.  “Ah, bot yue air en France neuw, and wee say Michelle, here.” He immediately recognized that it wasn’t a question or a debate.  “OK, Yeah, I see ma’me.” She gazed at him a long moment. “We say  QUI, not yeah, and vo cane call me MADAM or auntie, not ma’me, si vous plait.” 
“Your room is satisfactory Michelle; you slept well?” 
After breakfast Sophie promptly called for Stephanie and the two were out of sight in pursuit of who knows what. The house was bustling with servants attending to chores and Michael found himself completely out of his element.  
He wandered back through the grand wood doors of the dining room into the entrance pallor. He stood there a moment, looking ahead at the grand staircase arching its way in a gradual descent from the second floor along the two outer walls.  Underneath the center where the two stairways joined on the second floor was the entrance to a hallway. Right or left?  He decided Right, and proceeded. 
The hallway led to a maze of doors and other hallways, which filled the back of the house … grand chateau, he corrected himself. He peaked into a few rooms, which seemed to be simple quarters that he assumed were the servants.
Before long he came across the kitchen and heard voices in a side room, which turned out to be the eating area for the servants that resided on premises. But before he reached the women that he heard talking and giggling, he was confronted by a tall man dressed most eloquently. 
Good morning young Michelle, may I be of service? Startled, Michael just looked at the man, stumbling vocally: “hmm, aahh.”  The man grinned slightly, and continued: “I am Calvin sir, the Chauffeur.”
“Nice to meet you sir,” Michael responded. 
“Indeed, it’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?” he said gesturing to the surroundings. Michael nodded.
“Perhaps you would like to go into town? Come along then” he stated as he led Michael outside. They walked the grounds briefly as Calvin pointed out the “great lawn, “the gardens,” the “tennis courts” and other areas he thought the boy should know about. Eventually they arrived under a portico where a limousine awaited them. 
Brianna Nicole Austin