My Books

I first began working towards a book when I moved to Argentina in the early 2004. And while I had a story in mind for the novel, it was actually real-life unfolding in that year that filled in many blanks for that story-line.

— A Changing Season — a tale of unconditional love when a son retraces the steps of his estranged father in a life-altering thriller as he closes in on finding him.

The Last Woman & Me  — is part autobiographical and part insights. I’m still working on it.

An Unexpected Turn –begins with a young cross-dresser caught by his mom, her lie to her friends to save face, and the cascading series of events that that with each new lie push the young boy deeper into living a girl’s life than anyone expected. Well, almost.

The French Girl –– is a short story of a young boy feminized by his strong-handed, socialite aunt and her secretary, in a tale of misdirection and manipulation.

No Turning Back — when Jack falls on hard times, an unexpected opportunity to work as a domestic was step down a rabbit hole that unfolded so effortlessly he never saw it coming. he employs sister, however, orchestrated the seemingly unscripted path Jack finds himself on.

Brianna Nicole Austin