No Turning Back – Chapter 2

“So, you want to be my domestic maid, yes? The duties include grocery shopping, cooking breakfast and dinner, cleaning the house … thoroughly, and hostessing when I entertain for both business and with friends, I don’t have anything planned for the short-term, however, so it would be just cooking and cleaning. Do you think you can handle that?”

“I do sir, absolutely!”

“My hesitancy, and the reason I hire women only, is that my sister stays here quite a bit when she is on the West Coast, and I don’t want to have to worry about that — even though she is a powerful woman that can take care of herself. But, I’m old fashioned I guess. I’ll think up a workaround for that, you’d still have to wear a maids uniform though — to keep up appearances for guests, delivery people, etc.  And, you’d have to do so without drawing too much attention to yourself. Your hair is long, so I guess you could take it out of the ponytail, and use a little makeup. My sister could help you with that. And you’re not too tall. Maybe it could work.” 

“I’ll do whatever is required of me. I really want, and need, the job.”

“In the morning you can look through the closet in the bedroom, as there are several uniforms in there of various styles that have been left behind. After what we just discussed, how would you define the job I’ve outlined?”

“To make your life easier sir. Cook, clean, entertain, and pretty much keep things running smooth so you need not think about it.”

The colonel chuckled, “That’s a pretty good answer. You’re pretty perceptive. O.K. Jack, I tell you what. I’ll let you stay the night. If in the morning you still want to tackle this, I’ll give you a shot at it. You’ll find a lot of supplies in the bedroom closet and bathroom en suite. If in the morning you have second thoughts, you’ll have had a good meal, a relaxing bath, and a good night’s rest.”   

“Thank you so much, and I will not let you down.”

With that the colonel rose. “You can clear the table while I prepare the room for you. Just as Jack finished up, the Colonel had returned. “Follow me Jack,” and led him down a hallway off the kitchen that led to a bedroom. 

It wasn’t the maid’s quarters Jack was expecting. The room wasn’t really a room at all, but a suite. The bed was centered against the short wall to the left; it jutted out with a two seat cushioned bench at the foot. 

To his right of the bed was a sitting area with a chaise lounge, a chair and coffee table. It was positioned in front of levelers on the long wall, floor to ceiling, that concealed the sliding glass doors that opened to the far end of the sprawling backyard patio. To the right of the bedroom entrance there were three steps down into a private bathroom. It was fitted with a large, oval, sunken tub, and a separate shower. There was a large double sink with mirrors. The marble sink vanity ran along the wall and extended with an additional makeup mirror, and lots of cabinets above and drawers underneath it, with a vanity chair. 

“I’ve started a bath for you as you could use a good scrubbing and a good soak to relax. The bathroom was well-stocked with anything a ‘girl’ could need.  As I mentioned, there are some uniforms and robes in the wardrobe. There might be some sleepwear in the bureau drawers.  The salary is $200 a week, room and board, plus $150 for uniforms and other work-related accessories, That is about it for now. We can sort the rest out tomorrow if you decide to stay. Jack, I’m X-military, which is to say that I’m a disciplinarian, fair, but stern. You can all me Sir or Colonel. I’ll see you in the morning. For safety I’m going to lock the door and then I’ll unlock it at 6:am. I take my breakfast promptly at 7:am. Have a good sleep and I will see you in the morning.”

He turned on his heel and closed the door behind him, and the lock clicked. 

Jack stood there a moment absorbing all that just transpired. He looked around the room of pinks, whites and rose highlights. What have I gotten myself into? He was snapped out of his daydreaming by the sound of water. “The tub, damn.” He raced into the bathroom to see the tub almost brimming and quickly shut the faucet. 

As the steam rose from the tub his eyes revisited the room. The cabinets of the vanity were a cream color, stocked with feminine products. He could see cosmetics, moisturizers, razors, shaving and hair removal creams, brushes and more. It was as if he was in a day spa for women. At one end of the tub a rack also held loofahs, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other products.  

He cleared his mind. It was the first time he’d relaxed in weeks and the stress, fear and weariness evaporated off him along with the rising steam. 

Lying there he considered the opportunity. He has a beautiful room, food and an income. Playing the role of a maid seemed a small price to pay. He’d play the part, build up a cash bank and then plot his next move. But could he really pull this off? 

Jack contemplated what the ruse would entail: shaving his legs, wearing women’s clothing, and using makeup to present himself as female. And even if he could pull off the look, there was the mannerisms, the voice. This would be a big undertaking. But what options did he have in the real world? None. He made the decision. He was going to do this!  

So after he soaked for some time, he exited the tub. He took the tube of Helenna hair removal and applied it to his feet, calves, thighs, and arms. The instructions said to apply generously and wait ten minutes before rinsing.  

So he stood there in the bathroom counting the minutes. Before long he felt a sensation inside his upper thighs, where the lotion rubbed against his testicles. He was on fire and ready to jump out of his skin. The cream was not meant for testicles he was sure and, cursed himself for being so stupid. He used a washcloth to remove it, though it continued to sting. So he simply endured it until the ten minutes were up. He then raced into the shower to wash away the pain, and hair.

He toweled off, wrapped himself in it, and reentered the bedroom. In the closet he found a robe. It was raspberry in color, short, falling to about mid-thigh length. He felt vulnerable as his bits swung in the breeze. He searched the drawers. There were a few assorted pieces of lingerie — a garter belt, stockings, and some camisoles. He didn’t really know what any of it was. He finally found a berry-colored pair of silk panties. “Well”, he surmised with a gruin, “if I’m going to do this, I might as well be color-coordinated.”  He stepped into the panties and slipped them on, leaving him feeling a bit more covered. He then tied the robe at the waist.  

He collapsed on the bed, lying flat on his back staring at the canopy above the bed. Pursuing the room, the color scheme again reaffirmed the female lair he’d entered into. Jack didn’t care. He would sleep better tonight than he had in a week. 

Night had fallen and he lay there alone in his own strange world. He picked up a Marie Claire magazine lying on the nightstand and read and absorbed everything. Fashion, hair, makeup, how to find ‘Mr. Right’, how to have it all: career, home, husband and children.  He read and read, until he drifted off to sleep. 

Chapter 3

Brianna Nicole Austin